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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thoughts on Kare Kano

Well, several months after first writing this review of Kare Kano, I've finished the entire series. At the end of volume 21, I felt much the same way I did after reading the first two volumes (See this post for my past thoughts). The characters continued to do things that annoyed me. (I hesitate to go into specifics because the examples that come to mind are huge spoilers for people who might want to read the books.) Yet in spite of this, I was still compelled to read more and find out what happened to them.

One thing I really appreciated about the series was the feeling that it told a complete story. The final volume even had a "where are they now" chapter set sixteen years after their high school graduation. However, even this chapter included one of those "I hate what this character is doing" moments that perpetually kept me from enjoying the series as much as I could have.

Another positive aspect of the series was the overall message about the redemptive power of love. The supporting cast could also really shine, providing just the right touch of drama or comedy in key moments.

Despite my mixed feelings about the series, I would still recommend readers give it a try to see if it's to their liking.

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