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Monday, May 25, 2009

Interesting Link -

Teens looking for a downloadable vocabularly builder to help them prepare for the SAT may be interested in Users can create study lists and flash cards, take computer-generated tests, and play games to help them become more familiar with new words. With repetition one of the keys to learning new vocabulary, this seems like an easy and interesting way to study. My only concern is that the website has some typos and poorly worded sentences, so I worry that the program itself won't be perfectly proofread. Still, with a free trial download available, it won't hurt to try it out and see if fits your needs.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Interesting Link - Review of The Green Teen by Jenn Savedge

A Little Greener Every Day, a blog I follow, has published a review of The Green Teen by Jenn Savedge. It sounds like an interesting read for teens looking to become more environmentally responsible with tips on things like becoming less wasteful when packing lunch. I especially like the idea that, "All of the tips and advice are things that teens really do have control over - it's all advice about what they can do, not what they can convince their parents to do." I think it's definitely worth a look!

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