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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Email Teen Book Club

Looking for a little daily reading? The book club will email you a bit of a book every morning - they aim for five minutes of reading. After you've read two or three chapters of the book, they move on to another title, and you can choose to leave the first book behind or seek it out at your local library or bookstore. You can sign up for the teen edition here. It looks like a great way to sample new books. They're currently reading Tangerine, a book I personally love. You can also share your thoughts on what you're reading in the site's forums, and some libraries also offer discussions and programs connected to the book club.

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Anonymous patrizia said...

I came over after seeing your site listed on Deborah Ng's blog. I also have a site on YA, more geared towards encouraging young people to write as well as for anyone interested in writing for YA.

I'm going to write about your blog tomorrow if I can (soon at least:-)). This is a great site and resource.

I really like this post you did on the teen reading club. What a cool idea. I wish they had something for a younger age too.

Thanks for the info.

February 20, 2007 9:03 AM  

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